Process Centrifugal Pumps and Systems

Application : LPG, Liquid Gas, Hydrocarbon, Chemicals, Hot Water, Hot Oil, Pulp & Paper,
Starch, Ethanol, etc.

High Pressure Plunger Pump

Application : Cleaning, Cutting, Descaling

Reciprocating Pump

Application : Dosing, Metering, API Pump

Hose Pump

Application : Mining, Industrial Wastewater, Food Processing

Eccentric Screw Pump

Application : Chemical Industry, Wastewater Plant, Food Processing

Clean in Place (CIP) Centrifugal Pump

Application : Condiment, Diaries, Fruit & Vegetable Processing Juice and Beverage

Vacuum Slurry Pump

Application : Thickener Sludge, Hazardous Waste Recovery, Effluent and Processing Waste

Hydraulic Submersible Pump

Application : Confined Space Pumping, Sewage Solid Pumping, Crude Oil Pumping,
Wash Down Pumping