Why use Mist Eliminators?

Mist eliminators are simple and effective solution for many seperate problem in the chemical process industry. We will help you save time, resource, energy and space which results in saving of money.

Save Your Time

  • Mist eliminators separate corrosive products from the gas protecting ducts, pipes and downstream equipment from corrosion. Less corrosion requires less maintenance, inspection and shut down
  • Allows longer performance cycles before cleaning of mist eliminator is required, reducing downtime

Save Your Resources

  • Mist eliminators save valuable products from exiting the plant and being lost
  • Protect equipment from corrosive liquid droplets enhancing the lift of downstream process equipments, resulting in less capital costs for new machinery
  • Allows your plant to meet Governement regulated exhaust limits

Save Your Energy

  • Advanced mist eliminator design which allows for lower pressure droprequirements compared to conventional mist eliminator, resulting in less energy requirements

Save Your Space

  • Mist eliminators allow plants to run at a higher flow rate by avoidingproblems of re entrainment, where liquid droplets are picked up by high velocity gas streams. Higher flow rate allow for smaller equipments and duct sizes saving space

Fiber Bed (Candle) Filters

Fiber bed mist eliminators are shaped in the form of a cylinder with fiber between tow cages that can be made from many different materials. This type of mist eliminator uses all three separation mechanisms namely impaction, interception and brownian movement. We supply advanced and conventional fiber bed mist eliminators suitable for many applications. Our mist eliminators suitable for many applications. Our mist eliminator maintain efficiency requriements and minimize pressure drop.

Mesh (Demister) Pads

Mesh pads are knitted blankets of metal or plastic wire. The primary separation mechanism is interception and imaction. We manufacture specialty mesh pads using advanced technology and metarials such as the CO-Knit mesh pad (99% efficiency over 2 micron) and SX mesh pad (lasts 3-5 times longer than conventional materials.)

Vane (Chevron) Separators

Vane seperators and lamelia type separations consisting of specially designed vanes (blades) with a well defined geometry. The primary seperation mechanism is interception and impaction. Vanes can be made with a variety of materials (plastic and metals) in different sized and configurations. We can manufacture vance separators in different design to suit customer requirements.

Mist Eleminator Systems - Mesh (demister) Pads

Mesh pads are knitted mesh blankets of metal or plastice wire. They are designed for economical and efficient removal of entrained loquid droplets from gas streams. We can design and fabricate them in any required size with installation in new or existing process vessels. Mesh pads are normally instralled so that gas flow is upward through the pad.

How it works

Vapor and entrained liquid droplets pass thtough mesh blankets sandwiched beteween grids. The vapor moves freely through the mesh pad but the liquid droplets due to their greater inertia cannot make the necessary sharp angle turns, and as a result are thrown into contact with the wire surfaces. As more droplets enter the pad, they collect on the wire and grow in size. Due to their weight the collected droplets will run down the wire to the bottom surface of the mesh separator and fall into the unit. The vapour is now essentially free of entrained liquid.


Metalic Alloy Mesh Pad

Typical Applications

Matarial of Construction

Manufacturing mesh pads from a whole range of conventional and specialty materials including :

  • Stainless Steel (316L, 304L, 321, 310 many more)
  • Nickel and Copper
  • Polypropylene and other polyolefins
  • PTFE, FEP, PEA (Teflon)
  • ETFE (Hosteflon/Tefzel)
  • ECTFE (Halar)
  • PVDF
  • Alloy 20 and Alloy 66
  • SX (most preferred material in Sulphuric Acid application

We can also manufacture mesh pads from materials specified by customer for special apllications.

Collection Efficiency and Pressure Drop

Mesh Pads exhibit good collection efficiencies in the range of 2 to 30 microns.
Pressure drop range from 5mm WC to 100mm WC depending on the design of the mesh pad.

Specialty Mesh Pads

  • SX Mesh Pads

SX is metallic alloy with very low corrosion in concentrated Sulphuric Acid giving it a much longer life compared to conventional materials. SX mesh pads do not have the problems of shrinkage and melting associated with PTFE, ETFE and other Fluor Polymers. Many sulphuric Acid plants have upgraded to SX mesh pads. In a recent replacement it was found that the SX mesh pad has performed satisfactorily for fourteen years.

  • Co-Knit Mesh Pads

High Efficiency Co-Knit Mesh Pads

Very high efficiency can be achieved by this design. Long life due to the use of low corrosion material.

Super Structure Co-Knit Mesh Pads

Retains corrosion resistance of Fluor Polymers overcoming shrinkage and support problems.

Metalic Alloy Mesh Pad

Plastic Mesh Pad